FreshStash and Bellwether Culture Announce New Partnership to Bring First Influencer Clubhouse to Decentraland

Launching at Miami Art Week's Premier NFT Community Grounds, UNREVEALED, with Crystal Hefner, Dale Moss and Pia Mia

MIAMI, Dec. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- FreshStash, the first influencer clubhouse in Decentraland, today announced a new partnership with Bellwether Culture, a full service, hybrid events & creative content agency, to launch their NFT platform at Miami Art Week's newest community grounds, UNREVEALED.

"FreshStash is here to provide unique NFT collectibles and Metaverse integration projects like the first Influencer Clubhouse in Decentraland and we're thrilled to launch with our wonderful partners Pia Mia, Dale Moss, Crystal Hefner and Bellwether Culture," said Gary Csiszar, Co-Founder, FreshStash and Founder of Post For Rent. "With our sister company Post For Rent, we have been in influencer marketing for over 5 years now, so this is an obvious move for us to dive into the NFT world. What we were sure of is to go further than just NFTs, we wanted to build unique experiences for influencers, digital creators and brands in the most popping Metaverse spaces, and that is exactly what we do now."

Leveraging Bellwether Culture's unique relationships, FreshStash will launch with top tier media personalities Crystal Hefner, Dale Moss and singer and actress Pia Mia. FreshStash's first-of-its-kind platform in Decentraland will enable artists and creators to make unique experiences and engage more deeply with their audiences.

"It has been an amazing and exciting year for crypto and the NFT market, so I decided to start working on my own NFT project! I have partnered with FreshStash for my NFT launches where I can also experiment with Decentraland by integrating a few NFTs from my personal drop to FreshStash's Influencer Mention," said Crystal Hefner. "Miami Art Week presents the perfect opportunity to demonstrate how businesses and influencers together can create amazing Metaverse projects around NFTs. Stay tuned! More details to follow, and thank you for being part of this inspiring journey to grow and connect our community through technology."

You can view a tour of our new platform on our Youtube channel.

"People's perception of the world is generally limited to their own personal experience, which is often dictated by what they see on social media," said Dale Moss, Media Personality and self-proclaimed Metaverse Noob. "With FreshStash's new platform in Decentraland, I feel like I can give my people a more raw view and the ability to interact in a more communal way. RUN with it!"

"Bellwether Culture is built on the idea of bringing together the right people at the right time to catalyze communities," said Pavah Bahl, Founder, Bellwether Culture. "With the Metaverse at a tipping point, we couldn't be more excited to partner with FreshStash as they continue to grow their platform."

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