UNREVEALED to Host New York Fashion Week Gathering with The Royal House of Medici™ & The Gold Mask Society.

The invite-only gathering will take place at the stunning 69th Floor of the World Trade Center in New York City on Sept 12, 2022

NEW YORK, Sept. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- UNREVEALED (NRVLD.CO), the new Web3 Community from Bellwether Culture, UZO Media Productions, and Moss Martin Media announced the launch of UNREVEALED (NRVLD) NYFW. Built in partnership with the award-winning Nolcha Show’s team, NRVLD NYFW is held during the peak of New York Fashion Week & will be the platform for major industry announcements from The Royal House of Medici™, Bellwether Culture, and The Gold Mask Society.

NRVLD NYFW is a follow-up to their inaugural Miami Art Week gathering, which included participation by OneOf, Alexis Ohanian, Swan Sit, Pitbull, Marjorie Hernandez, and Deepak Chopra. Providing arguably the World’s most iconic 360-degree views, the World Trade Center is an awe-inspiring venue for brand leaders, technologists, artists, athletes, and activists at the intersection of Web3 + brand to learn and make connections.

“We built NRVLD to be a platform to amplify the voices of our community and the industry more broadly,” said Uzo Udu, Co-Founder NRVLD. “NYFW is the perfect cultural moment to bring that community in person to make announcements and strengthen partnerships needed to progress Web3 and NFT initiatives.”

“NFTs have become a dominant force in the fashion industry with major fashion houses already harnessing the great potential of NFT technology,” said Alexei Falin, Co-Founder & CEO of Rarible. “Rarible is thrilled to participate in NRVLD NYFW to facilitate conversations between Web3 and fashion communities and encourage the two to explore the endless opportunities for collaboration.”

NRVLD will stage significant Web3-related announcements from The Royal House of Medici™ and The Gold Mask Society.

“The Royal House of Medici™ will usher in the Digital Renaissance with contemporary artists, both digital and physical, invited to interpret classic works and the philosophy of Humanism as NFTs.” - Ottaviano de' Medici, The Grand Duke of Tuscany, Chairman and Co-Founder, The Royal House of Medici™.

“The legacy of the Medici dynasty is our brand. Patrons of the arts; leaders, innovators, and thinkers who defined the Renaissance. We are excited to announce our plans and display our amazing artwork at NRVLD,” said Richard Entrup, former Global CIO at Christie”s, CTO at MoMA, and currently Strategic Advisor handling Artist Relations and Curation at The Royal House of Medici™.

“At NRVLD we’ll hold the digital reveal and share our plans for The Gold Mask Society and our Web3 focus. This is the perfect moment and the perfect stage to share this beautiful piece with the world,” said Sir Bence Ivancsics, Funding Partner, TGM Management LTD. “The 3000-year-old Mycenaean gold mask has been locked in a vault for 20 years, and there is no digital footprint of it.”

The NRVLD NYFW agenda will creatively infuse art, tech, and fashion with libations provided by Great Jones Distilling Co. and community support from Web3 Daily.

“Bellwether Culture has always led the way as a low-key B2B powerhouse community, and NRVLD is Web3’s most exciting new gathering of tastemakers,” said Pavan Bahl, CEO of Bellwether Culture and Co-Founder of NRVLD. “I can't wait to share how we have bridged relationships and invested in platforms that will allow our community to learn and grow into this new chapter of digital connection together.”

For more information about UNREVEALED, visit https://nrvld.co/
Contact Rob@Bellwetherculture.com

For partnerships inquiries, visit https://www.nrvldpartners.com/
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